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It’s a Shame About Ray (But Not About the Deluxe Release)

From the very moment it starts, It’s a Shame About Ray transfixes and mesmerizes me like maybe no other record before or since. Beautiful and serene while at the same time completely lonely and bittersweet, Evan Dando’s melancholy voice shines through pitch perfectly in his magnum opus. Luckily for all of us mere mortals, Rhino […]


Pitchfork’s Guide to Record Store Day

Happy 4-20! To celebrate you should go to a record store. And you shouldn’t go to any old record store, but an independent record store filled with Pretentious Record Store Guys like me. 🙂 Seriously, why go to a mall and pay $20 to buy from a pimple faced high schooler with a smock when […]


How to Write a Counting Crows Song

You have to love Adam Duritz and the Counting Crows. Listening to August and Everything After as well as Recovering the Satellites and you can’t help but feel their pain. A lot of people can sing, but very few people can make you feel when the do it. Duritz and the Crows do both with […]


Favorite Records of the 90s

Looking back on all the great music of the 1990s, I’m stunned at how much truly great stuff was put out and also at the amount of crap that was allowed to be produced as well. This isn’t a Best of the 90s list, only my favorite records of the 90s; albums that I keep […]

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