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Finding Solace Quantified – Try Casanova

Super secret spy thrillers are all the rage! With the latest James Bond movie Quantum of Solace heating up the theaters with nonstop action goodness, and classic spy noir, I thought it was time that Pretentious Record Store Guy came out of the closet and professed his love of the action spy thriller genre. All […]


Pretentious Record Store Guy’s Favorite Records of the Year (continued)

The Stills Oceans Will Rise Q-Tip The Renaissance The Walkmen You & Me Blitzen Trapper Furr TV On The Radio Dear Science Okkervil River The Stand Ins Ryan Adams Cardinology Oasis Dig Out Your Soul Little Joy S/T Bloc Party Intimacy Conor Oberst S/T The Anniversary Devil on Our Side Ben Folds Way to Normal […]


Top Five Unreleased Albums of All Time

Q-Tip just came out with an amazing album last Tuesday called The Renaissance. Yeah, it’s Q-Tip so you know it’s the heat, but way back in 2002, he had a solo record that was about to drop called Kamaal the Abstract. Apparently it was way too crazy for the record label so they shelved it. […]

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