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Why Today’s Music Sounds Like Crap–The Death of High Fidelity

Vinyl is way better than CD.  When you listen to a record it’s warmer and has much more body than a CD, causing it to sound much fuller.  It’s like a nice, fine wine as opposed to a boxed pink wine. Whether or not you spin the black circle you can at least admit it […]


Interview with Comic Creator Evan Dorkin

Evan Dorkin is pretty much the man. Besides the fact that he is a multiple Eisner and Harvey Award winner, Evan has worked for every major and just about every minor comic publisher, weaving his mainstream work with the Big Three with his own indie comics published through Slave Labor Graphics. Here is a quick […]


Top Five Albums of 2008 (So Far)

1) Nada Surf – Lucky 2) Vampire Weekend – s/t 3) Magnetic Fields – Distortion 4) The Whigs – Mission Control 5) Cat Power – Jukebox

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