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Smashing Magazine’s 35 Beautiful Album Covers

What’s so fine about art? What is art? Well Pretentious Record Store Guy knows it when he sees it, and usually it takes the form of a beautiful album cover.  Recently, Smashing Magazine did a showcase of the 35 Most Beautiful Album Covers.  Now, Pretentious Record Store Guy does not agree with all their selections, […]


Dylan on Dylan

My band plays a different type of music than anybody else plays. We play distinctive rhythms that no other band can play. There are so many of my songs that have been rearranged at this point that I’ve lost track of them myself. We do keep the structures intact to some degree. But the dynamics […]


Pretentious Record Store Guy #2 Cover

After months and months of hard labor, Pretentious Record Store Guy #2 is very close to becoming a reality.  In honor of Cinco de Mayo, here is the cover for the second issue.  Stay tuned for more updates…

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