The Oscars Make Me Want to Dance…

Posted by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz on March 9th, 2010

Dance Dance

Did you catch any of Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin hosting the Oscars the other night? They had some funny parts, and some parts that felt a little stilted because the jokes that were written for them were not really their kind of jokes. Overall, I thought the awards were pretty well done. I ended up watching the whole thing, which I didn’t think I’d do.

Honestly, it made me think that I missed my true calling in life.

Interpretive dance.

Maybe, one day, with enough practice and determination, I too can dance on stage at the Oscars…
I think I can be the Brando of interpretive dance one day.

You know the thing that upsets me the most? The fact that my epiphany just came yesterday.
Had it come when I was 15, I would have already accomplished all my goals, and then burned out in a blaze of glory, booze, and girls. Now I would be mounting my comeback and second act as a much humbled and better person. And then this time I would truly appreciate all that interpretive dance had given me.

I believe if we had more interpretive dance in the world, then we wouldn’t have any wars and children wouldn’t be starving.

I believe that if the UN really wanted to solve all of the worlds problems, that they should all of the ambassadors do an interpretive dance about their positions in the world and that would help communicate their countries struggles and needs better than an interpreter could.


Now I’ll only have one chance to make it before my body gives up on me. Watch out world!

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