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Smashing Magazine’s 50 Beautiful Movie Posters

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Movies that may not look great can no doubt look great and entice the casual listener to pick up matinee tickets just for a the amazing eye candy aspect of the art.  In fact, that’s how most B-Movies used to do it. Ah, the beauty in design, […]


Pitchfork’s New Look Website

Look who’s got a new website! Check out Pitchfork’s new look site here. New cleaner design.  Same pretentious attitude.  Enjoy.


Fuck Phil Collins

Seriously. Pretentious Record Store Guy can’t stand him! Pretentiousness is one thing, but a pompous drummer? Please. What did Phil Collins do? He stepped up and made a great band terrible and in the process made a fortune by swindling the idiotic and still coked up masses in the early and mid 80s. Then he […]


All New Pretentious Record Store Guy Website

All New Pretentious Record Store Guy Website This is the new Pretentious Record Store Guy website link. If you’re like Pretentious Record Store Guy then you’re 5’10”, rail thin, ridiculously good looking and your hair is the elixir from which dreams are made. And since there is only one Pretentious Record Store Guy and this […]


Who’s Better? Who’s Best?

Who’s better? Who’s best? Pete Best? Why he’s the original drummer for The Beatles and could only be replaced by a Starr. Speaking of originality, this newest comic is a complete rip off of Abbott and Costello’s classic routine “Who’s on First,” which was voted the best comedy routine of the 20th according to Time […]

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