Who’s Better? Who’s Best?

Posted by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz on September 13th, 2007

Who’s better? Who’s best? Pete Best? Why he’s the original drummer for The Beatles and could only be replaced by a Starr.

Speaking of originality, this newest comic is a complete rip off of Abbott and Costello’s classic routine “Who’s on First,” which was voted the best comedy routine of the 20th according to Time magazine. But Abbot and Costello simply caught the gag that had been floating through the smoke filled air of certain Vaudeville theatres for quite some time, which proves that all good art is theft.

Come to think of it, isn’t good theft an art?

Enjoy the latest edition of Pretentious Record Store Guy with your favorite beverage or six. Here’s to the ghosts of the 20th century who continue to haunt us to this very day.

Guess who.

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