Fuck Phil Collins

Posted by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz on January 16th, 2008

Seriously. Pretentious Record Store Guy can’t stand him! Pretentiousness is one thing, but a pompous drummer? Please.

What did Phil Collins do? He stepped up and made a great band terrible and in the process made a fortune by swindling the idiotic and still coked up masses in the early and mid 80s. Then he goes solo and proceeds to put his balding, beat up mug on the cover of EVERY SINGLE ONE of his albums. Please. As if the music isn’t enough to cause you to ignite M-80s right next to your ears to purge the sound from your brain, no, Phil also wants you to vomit as well at the un ghastly site of his taunting mug. Jerk! Useless drummers need to stay behind their little kit and let the real musicians make their magic.

So Pretentious Record Store Guy came up with a little game called “Fuck Phil Collins!” It’s like asteroids except you have to stop the people from throwing rocks at Phil Collins fat face. Jerk. I let them all through with the hopes that maybe Phil Collins can feel the stone cut into his face while he is lying in his 1200 count sheets at night in his undeserving palace of a home

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