Why Today’s Music Sounds Like Crap–The Death of High Fidelity

Posted by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz on February 26th, 2008

Vinyl is way better than CD.  When you listen to a record it’s warmer and has much more body than a CD, causing it to sound much fuller.  It’s like a nice, fine wine as opposed to a boxed pink wine.

Whether or not you spin the black circle you can at least admit it to yourself, Ted, that MP3s are violent.

But it’s not just MP3s, but CDs that started this trend and the number one reason for this is Steve Jobs.  That’s right, Mr. Digital Music, Appleman himself has led to the decline of music with Apple’s ProTools.

Nick Levine wrote a fantastic piece about it entitled “The Death of High Fidelity”.  Click on the link and get some knowledge for yourself.

As for me, I’m always in the know; I’ve always been an analog baby.

Viva la Vinyl!

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