Top Five Unreleased Albums of All Time

Posted by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz on November 11th, 2008

Q-Tip just came out with an amazing album last Tuesday called The Renaissance. Yeah, it’s Q-Tip so you know it’s the heat, but way back in 2002, he had a solo record that was about to drop called Kamaal the Abstract. Apparently it was way too crazy for the record label so they shelved it. It seems that Q-Tip had perfected the funk/r&b/rap/punk/jazz/experimental hybrid was first introduced by Outkast on Aquemini. For those in the know, who heard Q-Tip’s record, he beat Outkast at their game and had taken back what those boys from the dirty south had learned from his Tribe. I guess it just goes to show how genius is often ahead of the curve and record labels are way out of touch.

There are definitely some hidden and unreleased gems out there. Here are Pretentious Record Store Guy’s Top Five Unreleased Albums of All Time.


Q-Tip - Kamaal the Abstract
1) Q-Tip – Kamaal the Abstract

Vue - Down For Whatever
2) Vue – Down For Whatever

The Beach Boys - Smile
3) The Beach Boys – Smile (Original Version)

Dave Matthews Band - The Lillywhite Sessions
4) Dave Matthews Band – The Lillywhite Sessions

Prince - The Black Album
5) Prince – The Black Album

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