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Posted by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz on September 6th, 2007

If you’re like Pretentious Record Store Guy then you’re 5’10”, rail thin, ridiculously good looking and your hair is the elixir from which dreams are made. And since there is only one Pretentious Record Store Guy and this is his website, then you are not him. Your loss.

But you are also a pretentious music fan, an aficionado of the underground, the litmus test by which any band who is anyone will be judged and blogged by before their fist single even makes it to a mall to be sold at Sam Goody and purchased by know-nothings who will only buy whatever Rolling Stone, Spin or A.P. advertisers steer them towards. We are the taste makers that serve up our sacrificial lambs to the mainstream so that they can die and be be resurrected in the temple of rock.

This site is an ongoing affair and will be constantly updated, amended, bushwhacked, anointed, assembled, destroyed and resurected anew on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. To check out the newest Pretentious Record Store Guy comic simply turn your eyes to your right and continue reading. To read the webcomic about the adventures of a record store clerk who has forgotten more about music than you’ll ever know from the start of the begininng, simply click here on Comics.

For those of you in the know, you know already, but for those mere mortals who are lacking in Indie cred and need to brush up in order to win a few hipster battles, click on the Pretentious Record Store Blog and save yourselves the embarrassment of being the last one to jump on the newest thing’s bandwagon.

Show some love and impress all of your fashionista friends by purchasing your very own Pretentious Record Store Guy t-shirts available in all sizes including Youth Large, Small and Medium.

See what all the rock critics are raving about when you check out the Pretentious Record Store Guy’s Top Five List.

If you were in the know, you would have known already.

Praise be to Brian Jones!

Praise be to Andrew Wood!

Long live Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard and John Lennon!

Long live Rock and Roll!

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