Hello, Is There Anybody Out There?

Posted by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz on September 6th, 2007

Join the Pretentious Record Store Guy Fan Club now (For fans of Indie rock, fashionistas, hipsters, groupies, models/supermodels, models/actresses and Woody Allen).Basically the Pretentious Record Store Guy Fan Club is a place where fans of Pretentious Record Store Guy can go and talk about how great Pretentious Record Store Guy is. Say you like a comic or you really, really like a comic, then you can tell people how much you like it. And then I can read how much you guys worship me and then my ego can expand even more, thus covering up all the insecurity I felt as a totally unpretentious young lad, who because of his frail physique and ridiculous good looks was picked upon by equally insecure philistines and jocks.

If you don’t like the comic then you can just burn in hell; the world really doesn’t need your negativity anyways. You probably secretly like Cathy and The Family Circus don’t you? Go home and listen to your Hootie and the Blowfish records over and over until your ears bleed because of the hemorrhaging in you brain that happens when you’ve listened to “Let Her Cry” for the 999th time in a row!


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  1. Cool Dude.

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