50 Cool Band Names I Came Up with Today

Posted by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz on September 11th, 2007

What did you do today? I listened to the entire Belle and Sebastian catalog on vinyl and then I came up with 50 Cool Band Names. Then I had the whole afternoon to bask in my glory. Kind of beats your little 9 to 5 doesn’t it? So, here we go–50 Cool Band Names I Came Up With Today. The Stares, No Exit, No Hope for Escape, Operator, There Is An Emergency, People Killing People, Kill Your Puppets, The Sesame Street Walkers, How Rudimentary My Dear Watson, Hare, Violens (not misspelled), Upstairs, Evil Jeans Us, Hasta La Quinta, Flight of the Deceiver, I Had a Burst of Brilliance the Other Day But You Rudely Interrupted Me Before I Could Write It Down Now I Will Be Forever Wondering What That Burst of Brilliance Was and If It Could Have Changed the Course of Mankind, Perhaps I Was Wrong, I Sincerely Doubt It, The Challengers, Are You Challenging Me, MIT Mouse (obviously mathcore), Stairing Contest (not misspelled), Blink F–k You Too (sounds kind of like 182), People Never Say Thank You Anymore, The Hell Handbasket, Ain’t Nothing But A G String, The Sherlock Holmes Conspiracy, Twix, Resume, The Whoremones, Upstares, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Experience, The Power Transformers, Sir Cut Brakers, His Majestic Excellency Requests, El Magnifico, The Leather Strait Jackets, A Question of Taste, Stupid Pet Trick or Treat, Hello Queen, Thoughts of Suicide Pass Through My Mind But Your Memory Keeps Me Going, House of 1,000 Dead Petting Zoos, An Affair to Dismember, A Rivers Cuomo Runs Through It, Brad Pitfall, The Broken Dream Cast A Long Shadow, In the Light of Day You Aren’t As Beautiful as You Used to Be, We Are Getting Older Now, Deaf Becomes Her… And the number one band name is Bleed the Blood of the Dying–even though I didn’t come up with it today it still deserves a place at the top of the pantheon of today’s names because of its’ utter genius.

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