A Pretentious Record Store Guy Lexicon

Posted by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz on June 17th, 2008

In order to fully submerse yourself in the world of Pretentious Record Store Guy, it helps to know the lingo. To help out all those wannabe hucksters, hipsters and scenesters, we here at Pretentious Record Store Guy have decided to educate the coalition of the willing in the vernacular of PRSG. Enjoy.

Pretentious – characterized by assumption of dignity or importance
Pretentious Record Store Guy – most every record store employee, our protagonist
Hipster – a person characterized by a particularly strong sense of disdain and alienation from the mainstream and a real affinity for the cutting edge and/or independent; a person in the know.
Scenester – a person always involved with a particular scene, mainly to be seen
Fashionista – a person who always on the cutting edge of fashion and style and flaunts their knowhow
Phil Collins – drummer, singer/songwriter, 80s pop icon and mortal enemy of Pretentious Record Store Guy.
Retro – of or designating the style of an earlier time
Indie – Independent music
The Heat – slang for something that is so amazingly good it goes beyond being “hot” and becomes
Emo – emotional music characterized best by whiny, adolescent lyrics and heart on the sleeve junior high school poetry a la Sunny Day Real Estate and Dashboard Confessional
Hipster Battle – a contest of wits in regards to who is the most in the know
Triple T Hipster BaTTTle – an extreme Hipster Battle sort of like a XXX rating for the hipsters
Rock Band Central – the staging point for all rock bands
Digg – the act of promoting something online
Andrew Wood – The Jesus Christ of Grunge
Bleed the Blood of the Dying – A post-emo-core band with slight math core influences
Gospel Music – the word in music, home of Pretentious Record Store Guy

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