Pretentious Record Store Guy’s Favorite 80s Rock Icon

Posted by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz on October 14th, 2008



His name says it all.

Sure Micheal Jackson was Bad and could dance up a storm.  Sure Madonna had the sexiest videos to some of the hottest songs.  Sure Phil Collins big, dumb mug was plastered everywhere like some sort of ugly drummer version of Big Brother watching all over mankind.  But let’s face it, the biggest and best 80s icon was and still is Prince.

Yes, he is a sexy motherfucker, but Prince is more than that.  With album after album and hit after hit, Prince defined the 80s.  Everything he touched went gold.  He changed his sound more often than he changed his look, and that was frequent.

He introduced the world to Carmen Electra, Sheena Easton and Morris Day.  He also got Batman and the Joker together and made them dance.  Who else but Prince could have done that?

His songs ooze sex and wanting and desire.  Plenty of today’s acts swipe a page from Prince’s playbook, see the latest offerings from Kings of Leon, My Morning Jacket and Spoon for testament, but no one does it quite as good as Prince.

Prince is one of a kind, which is why he is Pretentious Record Store Guy’s Favorite 80s icon.

I just want your extra time and your kiss.

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