Radiohead Limited Edition Deluxe Reissues

Posted by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz on March 17th, 2009

It appears that the Ides of March are upon us.  More specifically, upon great 90s bands rereleasing their cds as Limited Edition 2 CD/DVD Deluxe Editions.  Following in the footsteps of Pearl Jam, Radiohead are releasing their first three albums as Special Collector’s Editions on March 24th, coincidentally the same day that Pearl Jam is rereleasing TEN.  What’s wrong with these rich rock stars, don’t they know that there is a recession going on?  If you’re like Pretentious Record Store Guy, then you already have most of these songs because you bought the Australian and Japanese Imports that these were first on, as well as the singles and b-sides that were UK exclusives.  But if not, then here is your chance to show how cool you are.  Details below:

Radiohead - Pablo Honey Collector's Edition

Disc: 1
1. You
2. Creep
3. How Do You?
4. Stop Whispering
5. Thinking About You
6. Anyone Can Play Guitar
7. Ripcord
8. Vegetable
9. Prove Yourself
10. I Can’t
11. Lurgee
12. Blow Out

Disc: 2
1. Prove Yourself (Demo) [Drill EP]
2. Stupid Car (Demo) [Drill EP]
3. You (Demo) [Drill EP]
4. Thinking About You (Demo) [Drill EP]
5. Inside My Head [Creep]
6. Million Dollar Question [Creep]
7. Yes I Am [Creep]
8. Blow Out (Remix) [Creep]
9. Inside My Head (Live) [Creep]
10. Creep (Acoustic) [Creep]
11. Vegetable (Live) [Creep]
12. Killer Cars (Live) [Creep]
13. Faithless, The Wonderboy [Anyone Can Play Guitar]
14. Coke Babies [Anyone Can Play Guitar]
15. Pop Is Dead [Pop Is Dead]
16. Banana Co. (Acoustic) [Pop Is Dead]
17. Ripchord (Live) [Pop Is Dead]
18. Stop Whispering (US Version) [Stop Whispering]
19. Prove Yourself (Stop Whispering) [BBC Radio One Session (06/22/92)]
20. Creep (Stop Whispering) [BBC Radio One Session (06/22/92)]
21. I Can’t (Stop Whispering) [BBC Radio One Session (06/22/92)]
22. Nothing Touches Me [BBC Radio One Session (06/22/92)]

DVD Disc:
1. Creep [Promo video]
2. Anyone Can Play Guitar [Promo video]
3. Pop Is Dead [Promo video]
4. Stop Whispering [Promo video]
5. Creep [Top Of The Pops (09/16/93)]
6. You [The Astoria, London Live (05/27/94)]
7. Ripcord [The Astoria, London Live (05/27/94)]
8. Creep [The Astoria, London Live (05/27/94)]
9. Prove Yourself [The Astoria, London Live (05/27/94)]
10. Vegetable [The Astoria, London Live (05/27/94)]
11. Stop Whispering [The Astoria, London Live (05/27/94)]
12. Anyone Can Play Guitar [The Astoria, London Live (05/27/94)]
13. Pop Is Dead [The Astoria, London Live (05/27/94)]
14. Blow Out [The Astoria, London Live (05/27/94)]

Radiohead - The Bends Collector's Edition

Disc: 1
1. Planet Telex
2. The Bends
3. High And Dry
4. Fake Plastic Trees
5. Bones
6. (Nice Dream)
7. Just
8. My Iron Lung
9. Bullet Proof… I Wish I Was
10. Black Star
11. Sulk
12. Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Disc: 2
1. The Trickster [My Iron Lung]
2. Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong [My Iron Lung]
3. Lozenge Of Love [My Iron Lung]
4. Lewis (Mistreated) [My Iron Lung]
5. Permanent Daylight [My Iron Lung]
6. You Never Wash Up After Yourself [My Iron Lung]
7. Maquiladora [High And Dry/Planet Telex]
8. Killer Cars [High And Dry/Planet Telex]
9. India Rubber [Fake Plastic Trees]
10. How Can You Be Sure? [Fake Plastic Trees]
11. Talk Show Host [Street Spirit (Fade Out)]
12. Bishop’s Robes [Street Spirit (Fade Out)]
13. Banana Co. [Street Spirit (Fade Out)]
14. Molasses [Street Spirit (Fade Out)]
15. Just [BBC Radio One Session (04/14/94)]
16. Maquiladora [BBC Radio One Session (04/14/94)]
17. Street Spirit (Fade Out) [BBC Radio One Session (04/14/94)]
18. Bones [BBC Radio One Session (04/14/94)]

DVD Disc:
1. High And Dry (UK Version) [Promo Video]
2. High And Dry (US Version) [Promo Video]
3. Fake Plastic Trees [Promo Video]
4. Just [Promo Video]
5. Street Spirit (Fade Out) [Promo Video]
6. Bones [The Astoria, London Live (5/27/94)]
7. Black Star [The Astoria, London Live (5/27/94)]
8. The Bends [The Astoria, London Live (5/27/94)]
9. My Iron Lung [The Astoria, London Live (5/27/94)]
10. Maquiladora [The Astoria, London Live (5/27/94)]
11. Fake Plastic Trees [The Astoria, London Live (5/27/94)]
12. Just [The Astoria, London Live (5/27/94)]
13. Street Spirit (Fade Out) [The Astoria, London Live (5/27/94)]
14. My Iron Lung [2 Meter Session, Holland (02/27/95)]
15. High And Dry [2 Meter Session, Holland (02/27/95)]
16. Fake Plastic Trees [2 Meter Session, Holland (02/27/95)]
17. Street Spirit (Fade Out) [2 Meter Session, Holland (02/27/95)]
18. The Bends [Later With Jools Holland (05/27/95)]
19. High And Dry [Later With Jools Holland (05/27/95)]
20. High And Dry (03/09/95) [Top Of The Pops]
21. Fake Plastic Trees (06/01/95) [Top Of The Pops]
22. Street Spirit (Fade Out) (02/01/96) [Top Of The Pops]

Radiohead - OK Computer Collector's Edition

Disc: 1
1. Airbag
2. Paranoid Android
3. Subterranean Homesick Alien
4. Exit Music (For A Film)
5. Let Down
6. Karma Police
7. Fitter Happier
8. Electioneering
9. Climbing Up The Walls
10. No Surprises
11. Lucky
12. The Tourist

Disc: 2
1. Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2) [Paranoid Android]
2. Pearly* [Paranoid Android]
3. A Reminder [Paranoid Android]
4. Melatonin [Paranoid Android]
5. Meeting In The Aisle [Karma Police]
6. Lull [Karma Police]
7. Climbing Up The Walls (Zero 7 Mix) [Karma Police]
8. Climbing Up The Walls (Fila Brazillia Mix) [Karma Police]
9. Palo Alto [No Surprises]
10. How I Made My Millions [No Surprises]
11. Airbag (Live In Berlin) [No Surprises]
12. Lucky (Live In Florence) [No Surprises]
13. No Surprises [BBC Radio One Evening Session (05/28/97)]
14. Climbing Up The Walls [BBC Radio One Evening Session (05/28/97)]
15. Exit Music (For A Film) [BBC Radio One Evening Session (05/28/97)]

DVD Disc:
1. Paranoid Android [Promo Video]
2. Karma Police [Promo Video]
3. No Surprises [Promo Video]
4. Paranoid Android [Later With Jools Holland (05/31/97)]
5. No Surprises [Later With Jools Holland (05/31/97)]
6. Airbag [Later With Jools Holland (05/31/97)]

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  1. dude radiohead blows! Coldplay has way more talent than they could ever have. talk about something real!

  2. That may be the most ridiculous thing Ive ever heard. Coldplay can barely play their instruments let alone make 6 perfect albums. Silly man. Please listen to Radiohead more and take your head out of your ass. (or maybe youre just being sarcastic, and in that case good show)

  3. Come on now, everyone knows that these releases were not thought up by Radiohead to make more money. Since their contract with Capitol has ended, Capitol can release the music any time they wish. These re-issues are Capitol’s way of continuing to make money from Radiohead’s music and their legions of fans. I’m sure Radiohead will get revenue from these sales, but I’m sure they disapprove and can do nothing to block these and more “Collector’s Editions” of their capitol releases.

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