The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1910 Review

Posted by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz on March 31st, 2009

From the visionary co-creator of Watchmen Alan Moore comes another adventure for the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Along for the ride as always is co-creator and illustrator Kevin O’Neill (Marshal Law), but just about everything else has changed for the League. Now published by Top Shelf instead of Wildstorm’s America’s Best Comics imprint, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century is also in a different format than the previous books: Century will not be released as a 6 issue series, but instead will come out as three 72 page chapters spanning the entire 20th century, hence the title.

The cover to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century: 1910 by Kevin O'Neill. Click for a larger image.The first book, 1910, takes place 12 years after the failed Martian invasion of the second series. Not only are we in the throes of the early 20th century, but the League’s lineup has also undergone a few renovations. Gone following the events of the second series are Hyde and the Invisible Man. Nemo has left the League but he appears in the series during his last days, a dying relic captaining an aging ship with a crew searching for purpose. Mina Murray returns as the leader of the Gentlemen, as does Allan Quatermain, although in a much younger state courtesy of events in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier. Orlando, the gender bending immortal from Black Dossier rounds things out both in and out of Mina and Allan’s bed. New to the book are A.J. Raffles, a former thief turned Gentleman, and Thomas Carnaki, whose visions of London’s impending demise set the League searching for clues.

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It seems that lately I’m on an Alan Moore kick, but really it’s just another day in the life of.


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