Top Five Crime Novels

Posted by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz on August 18th, 2009

This Wednesday, August 19th, marks the official launch of Vertigo’s new crime and noir imprint– Vertigo Crime– with two new novels: Filthy Rich by Brian Azzarello and Victor Santos and Dark Entries by Ian Rankin and Werther Dell’Edera.  I, for one, have been greatly anticipating the launch of Vertigo Crime because, let’s face it, every comic that has the Vertigo stamp on it is usually as good as gold.  If your a Pretentious Record Store Guy, like me, or a Pretentious Comic Book Guy, also like me, then you know it’s all about the labels, and it doesn’t get any better than Vertigo. Ask Carlotta Valdez, Vertigo’s where it’s at.

So in honor of Vertigo Crime, Pretentious Record Store Guy is doing a two part Top 5 list,  The first part (see below) features my Top 5 Crime Novels.  On Friday, I’m going to hit you with my Top 5 Crime Comics.  Wednesday and Thurday will be devoted to reading some Vertigo Crime.  Enjoy.

The Big Sleep

1) The Big Sleep
by Raymond Chandler

The Complete Sherlock Holmes

2) The Complete Sherlock Holmes
by Richard Holmes

The Maltese Falcon

3) The Maltese Falcon
by Dashiell Hammett


4) Clockers
by Richard Price

The Big Blowdown

4a) The Big Blowdown
by George Pelecanos

Motherless Brooklyn

5) Motherless Brooklyn
by Jonathan Lethem

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