Art Brut Lead Eddie Argos Broods on Comics at Playback

Posted by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz on September 5th, 2008

Look at us, we formed a comic book columnist.  Pretentious Record Store Guy is pretty excited at the addition of Art Brut’s Eddie Argos taking on a biweekly Comics column at Playback:STL.  As St. Louis’ own son Nelly would say, Fo’ schizzle.


Apparently this annoucement has set the blogosphere on fire with no less than a link and feature on Pitchfork as well as too numerous links and mentions throughout the world wide gossipsphere.  Good times.  

So, how are his columns?  Well they are quite good.  His first column ripped Wanted a new one and professed his undying love for Booster Gold, his second gave mad props to Brubaker’s amazing run on Captain America, while his third column talked about Batman and his latest column is all about the Top Shelf.


Check them out and enjoy!    

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  1. […] disclosure here, Art Brut’s lead singer Eddie Argos writes a comic column for Playback:STL, where Pretentious Record Store Guy can be seen from time to […]

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