Art Brut vs. Satan vs. Frank Black vs. Pretentious Record Store Guy

Posted by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz on April 27th, 2009

Art Brut vs Sata vs Frank Black

So Frank Black, one of my all time favorite musicians and head of one of the greatest bands ever (The Pixies, duh!) just produced the third album from one of my favorite bands of the last few years, Art Brut and it’s called Art Brut vs. Satan!  What?  Where do I sign up? Seriously. I ran to the local independent record store (Vintage VInyl if you’re keeping track) on Tuesday April 21st and picked the album up.

It hasn’t left my record player since.

[Full disclosure here, Art Brut’s lead singer Eddie Argos writes a comic column for Playback:STL, where Pretentious Record Store Guy can be seen from time to time]

Art Brut vs. Satan is everything you want a record to be: fun, catchy, smart and snarky.  With Black Francis behind the boards, Art Brut sounds much tighter and the record is filled with little Pixie flourishes dropped here and there for good measure (see the outro on “Alcoholics Unanimous” and “Am I Normal?”).

If the Devil is 6, then God is 7 and Art Brut has gone to Heaven.

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